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As a team, we believe language and literacy are basic human rights, therefore we will provide guidance and support to impact the strategies and approaches implemented across the region. We commit to making changes in our community that effectively close equity gaps by sharing expertise and insights, making recommendations, and connecting authentic relationships and resources.



- Create opportunities to collaborate and coordinate P-3 systems alignment  

- Provide strong communication and resources throughout the community to support healthy child development

- Locate and develop high quality resources to support language development in P-3

- Locate and develop high quality resources to support early reading skills in P-3

- Ensure access to culturally responsive pedagogy

- Grow and expand high quality language development experiences, including  access to dual immersion programs 

- Increase opportunities to engage in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in both languages and multiple settings

- Provide families and caregivers equitable access to developmentally appropriate early learning resources 

- Highlight family care practices that encourage healthy choices and build strong home-to-school partnerships

- Increase local family literacy support efforts

- Increase access to before and after school learning programs 

- Prevent summer learning loss through school and community learning events and activities

- Provide opportunities for exposure to reading and writing outside of the P-12 classroom setting

- Identify/Communicate available community-wide resources and opportunities for local families

- Ensure explicit instruction in foundational reading skills (all students)

- Increase access to multi-tiered interventions through ongoing progress monitoring (individualized)

- Create opportunities to apply reading skills through deeper learning contexts

- Support curriculum implementation process

- Provide access to high quality, ongoing professional learning supports for teachers, administrators, and paraprofessionals

- Increase funding and resources to reduce inconsistencies with teacher quality

- Create opportunities for new teachers to receive support, coaching and mentoring

- Build teacher efficacy and coherence


BUDDY READING PROJECT: A virtual cross-age read aloud library. An accessible tool for teachers and  a read aloud opportunity for students and families. Features Monterey County high school students as readers of their favorite stories.

LITERACY TOOLKIT: A literacy toolkit to guide parents and informal teachers of children in

PK-3 grades to support reading development. The toolkit includes activities and strategies for addressing reading challenges and meeting benchmarks at each grade level.

• COMMUNICATION CORNER: A quarterly  newsletter to inform educators, families and community members of new resources and upcoming events in Monterey County that extend language and literacy opportunities for primary-aged children.


Our committed partners in advancing and accelerating language and literacy outcomes for Monterey County children.


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